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Are you are at a crossroads in your career?
Are you unhappy, stressed or underperforming in your current role?
Do you feel you are not fulfilling your potential?
Are you returning to work and need vital interview skills and confidence?

If you feel you are at a crossroads in your life and want to feel motivated and energised, rather than stuck, just a couple of sessions of coaching could make all the difference. I help by providing focus and encouragement, to enable you to clarify and expand your vision of what is possible. I work with you to develop career and life purpose. Authenticity, balance and well-being are vital building blocks on the path to a more fulfilling life.

Perhaps you are just returning to work or exploring a career change and are finding self-defeating behaviours and illogical fears are holding you back from taking that all important first step.

Research shows that those who are most satisfied and motivated by their work are in careers which reflect who they really are; careers which reflect their true nature and their real passions and which draw on their innate strengths and employ their favourite skills

My coaching provides the catalyst for individuals to realise change from within themselves. My approach is compassionate and understanding, yet challenging and affirming. The confidential nature of coaching enables you to talk about what is really affecting you without fear of recrimination or judgement.

I use my knowledge as a NLP practitioner and qualified counsellor and psychotherapist to help you identify your barriers and overcome obstacles, which are limiting your career and enjoyment.

I work with individuals, managers and Human Resource Departments to develop coaching programmes to meet specific requirements. A programme will usually comprise between four to six sessions. No two coaching sessions are the same, each being fully tailored to the nature of the individual.

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"Working with Diana to resolve an issue in my past, which was preventing me presenting without dissolving into a bag of nerves, has given me new found confidence which is having positive knock-on effects in so many areas of my life”

HR Manager, Surrey