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You can 'un-learn' your phobia

Phobias are simply learned behaviours. You were not born with your phobia: infact the only two fears that we are born with are the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling.
Phobias are a remarkable example of how quickly human beings learn: they can be described as a one trial learning experience, in that it often only takes one very bad experience to create what is known as a phobic response. If it is that quick to learn such a behaviour, then surely it is equally as quick to unlearn it or even learn a better behaviour - given the right help.
If you have a phobia you will be only too aware that it does not respond to “logical thinking”.
 Up until very recently the best you could hope for with conventional treatments, was to learn to “cope” or “manage” your fear better: to increase your threshold so that you could be in the phobic situation and learn to accept or tolerate the feelings of terror and anxiety. In other words, to withstand more pain.
 You will be relieved to hear that using the lastest therapies, in particular TFT (Thought Field Therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and relaxation techniques, it is usually possible to, ELIMINATE PHOBIAS completely  in just a few sessions.
For all of these techniques to work it just requires you to ‘play out’ and visualise the set of circumstances that trigger your fear or phobia.
 You are not exposed to the phobic subject, the sessions are not an ordeal, infact you will probably enjoy the session, though not necessarily understand why the experience works.
 Common phobias treated:
 * Agoraphobia  * Claustrophobia * Flying phobia
 * Social phobias * Needle phobia   * Public speaking
 * Spider phobia * Height phobia * many more….

 Combination approach – generates results
When we meet, I will work with you to gain an understanding of the unique set of circumstances, which led to the formation of your phobia.  I will then choose to use one or a combination of techniques to enable you to break this unhelpful behaviour pattern.
 *Proven, Safe, Highly Effective  *Suitable for All Types of Phobia and Fears
 * No Drugs                                   * No unnecessary exposure to phobic subject 


                                You are always in control


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Set yourself free from your phobia today!

Client Testimonial:

Spider Phobia:
For as long as I can remember, that's 40+ years, I have been terrified of spiders. This fear has made me feel vulnerable for my whole life...The results were truly amazing. Diana talked me through the whole process and as I imagined a spider on the arm of the chair, I tapped certain areas on my body following her instructions. I know it all sounds a bit strange, but all I can tell you is at the end of the session, I knew my fear had gone and to prove it I picked up a real spider which is something I have never done, and never believed I would. All I can say is that it's worked and I feel fantastic!